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Paul Computers offers priority service for business customers and our ongoing support enables you to make the most of technology.

We have a proven track record of providing I.T. support and services for local business since 2001.

Paul Computers currently provides B2B IT support for businessses in the following areas: farming and agri-business, forklift sales & service, flexible silo fabrication, hotels & tourism, switchboard fabrication, interior design, airport parking, lubrication engineering, sports & fitness, transport, waste disposal, construction, civil contracting, real estate, supermarkets, home workers, etc.

Is Information Technology a cost or an investment?

One in three small businesses in Australia are not getting the full value from their Information Technology systems due to under utilisation (35 per cent) or lack of computer skills (24 per cent).

A business that regard Information Technology as a cost will usually spend the minimum possible, often struggling with outdated and unreliable computers and out-of-date software that they do not fully understand how to use. It may work, but the benefits are significantly reduced.

By contrast, a business that regards Information Technology as an investment will invest in modern hardware, will research the best software tools for doing the job, will have good data recovery systems, and the ability to plan ahead. The benefits are vastly improved efficiency, reduced costs, greater adaptability to evolving market situations, less anxiety, and vastly improved service to their customers.

If the benefits outweigh the costs, then Information Technology more than pays for itself.

We have extensive experience of helping small businesses to improve efficiency and profitability by making better use of information technology.

We can supply computer systems, Broadband Services (ADSL, satellite or wireless), secure wired and wireless networks, cheap Internet telephony (VoIP), digital projectors, security cameras with web access, business quality DECT cordless phones, and Website Design. We take care of everything for you - all at affordable online prices.

Our after-sales care and support is like having your own personal IT department on call whenever you need assistance.

In the event of catastrophic loss of data, we offer specialist data recovery services.

If you need assistance, you get to speak to the business owner, Paul Heymans who will assist you to resolve any computer related problem in plain English

When you buy from Paul Computers, we can set up your new computer system, install all software, transfer data from your old PC(s), set up the Internet, deliver it to your home or business, and install it for you. All with a minimum of fuss and bother. We can also provide personal training if required.

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