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Paul Computers is an online business operated by Wivenhoe PA Pty Ltd, a family run company based near the Wivenhoe Dam in Esk Shire, nr Brisbane.


To provide innovative products that enhance the personal computer experience.

Wivenhoe PA Pty Ltd is a local business serving local people since 2001. One of the directors is a member of the North family, who were one the first three settlers in the region in 1841. In addition to online retailing, we offer a broad range of IT services, including computer servicing, ADSL, wireless and satellite Broadband, wired and wireless networking, website design and Internet marketing. We have been in the IT business longer than most and we are here to stay.

We believe that computer manufacturers and suppliers have a responsibility to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions. All our computers systems are designed with the most energy efficient computer components available on the market today. We aim to supply computer systems that are at least 50% more energy efficient than previous generations. We believe that reducing energy emissions is not only good for the environment, it provides new business opportunities for any business with the vision to see them.

Paul Computers supports the local community.

  1. We initiated the Somerset Region - Buy Local First campaign in support of our local economy. The four main benefits of local spending are: local job creation, higher property values, greater variety of local shops, and better services.
  2. In 2003 we initiated the highly successful campaign to bring Broadband Internet into the Somerset Region and we continue to campaign for improved High Speed Internet and Telecommunication services that are so essential for the local economy.
  3. We donate all the design work for the Somerset Region Business Alliance website and we are an active sponsor and Paul is committee member.

We believe that rural Queenslanders should have the same access to Internet related technologies as everyone else in Australia. For any community to compete in the new 'Digital Networked Economy', access to high speed Internet communications and adequate training in how to utilise the technology are as essential as good roads.

We supply quality PC systems and IT services at on-line prices, but with superb local service and after-sales care. We specialise in providing extra support and training for people of all ages who are unfamiliar with the new technologies.

Our formula for Paul Computers is simple:

To provide the best quality computer products and to differentiate from our competitors with expert, plain English customer service and free technical support.

Clarity of Choice: We offer a clearly defined range of PC systems with more than adequate resources for their specified applications without the need for any upgrades. The only extra costs will be your choice of software and/or printer. We can also custom build any computer system to your requirements.

Genuine Quality: Many major on-line retailers economise on the quality of critical components, such as the main circuit board and DVD/CD/RW drives. We guarantee that all the parts in our systems are from quality manufacturers with a proven track record of reliability. We only supply products manufactured by companies such as Intel, ASUS, Logitech and Corsair that are innovators, not copiers.

Our philosophy is that cheapo components usually cause problems, so we prefer to supply well built systems with quality components rather than risk warranty claims that may cost us money and loss of customer confidence. Warranty claims are the best measure of reliability - we have close to zero warranty claims for our computer systems.

Service @ Local: Our business model is based on providing a local service. We are an Australian company, so our profits stay in the local community. We are also an ethical company, so we support community initiatives in our area.

On-line Prices: Low overheads mean that we can compete with the biggest of our on-line competitors, but with the difference that we offer all the advantages of a local service.

Easy Ordering: To discuss your order with a real live person, please feel welcome to telephone Paul on 07-5427 0132.

Easy Payment: We accept payment by EFT, credit card, cheque or cash.

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