Passionate about helping our customers take full advantage of computers and the Internet for fun or business.

We provide you with reliable and comprehensive information to help you make the right buying choices for your needs and ongoing after sales tech support to make the best use of the equipment. Our low overheads enable us to offer you the best possible quality and value.

Since 2001, we have developed a strong and loyal customer base of customers who demand better service and support than they can obtain from other computer shops, superstores or online retailers.

We give you independent, honest advice about the best solution for your needs

When you buy from us, we don't try to sell you a more powerful computer than you will ever need. If you only need a computer for business applications and Internet access, you do not need a PC capable of flying a rocket ship to the moon. If you need a computer more suitable for computer games and graphics rich applications such as desktop publishing, then you need something with more ooomph.

Our after-sales support is like having your own personal IT department

If you need advice or support, you get to speak to the business owner, Paul Heymans; not some outsourced, off-shore, call centre person who leaves you feeling even more confused than before you started. If a phone call cannot help you to resolve the problem, I can come to your home to assist you.

In addition to operating computer retail, servicing and website design businesses for many years, I have extensive experience of providing training and support for people of all ages and levels of experience, as well as writing articles for newspapers and online publications that seek to demystify computers and the Internet for non-technically minded people.

When you buy from Paul Computers, we take care of everything

We can set up your new computer system, install all software, transfer data from your old PC, set up the Internet, deliver it to your home and install it for you. All with the minimum of fuss and bother. We can also provide you with personal training if required.

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